Mostly Marketing Ltd is a Google Partner

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Google Partner Status

Mostly Marketing Ltd is fully accredited as a Google Partner. What does that mean?

To achieve Google Partner status requires 3 elements:

1. Certifications

  • Google Adwords – Advertising Fundamentals: Passed first time May 2014
  • Google Adwords – Advanced Search: Passed first time May 2014

2. Best Practices

  • High performance keeps customers happy and improves companies’ standing as a Google Partner
  • This means excellent customer care values

3. Minimum Spend on AdWords

  • Measures the spend activity over a 90 day period, which must reach 10k USD or equivalent

Mostly Marketing manage PPC (Google AdWords) for a number of clients, ranging from £200 to over £50k per month. Whatever the budget, the principles remain the same – using targeting, excellent ad copy, sensible budgeting and a range of other techniques to make clients’ budgets work as hard as possible in delivering quality leads.